Monday, 27 February 2017

How to get that Oscars Glow

So the 2017 Oscars has come and gone. Although I feel we will be talking about this one for some time yet with the shocking twist at the end! Never a dull moment in Hollywood. Last night was perfect for me, nestled in the comfort of my home on the couch, fresh popcorn (diet started today!) and a cup of tea. I love nothing more than to watch the show, not for the awards so much but to check out who wore what and to see the makeup and hair styles created by the talented artist who are behind the scenes of these events working hard all day. My two favorite makeup looks of the evening would have to be the 2 Emma's. Emma Roberts and Emma Stone. These looks are both very similar, soft sultry eyes with a bold lip and the GLOW. Killer hair colouring too, they were both right on point.
I would have to say this look is definitely my fav look of the season. It can be worn on just about anyone, not too harsh not too natural. Its perfect. Of course both looks are completed by the perfect red lip. Check out my blog last week on the ultimate red lip colours. I would also like to bring some attention to the eyebrows. I think eyebrows are sometimes forgotten. I often get asked what my best makeup tricks are. My answer is - Eyebrows and contouring. Its that simple. If these two are done correctly your face will have the perfect shape and be defined. Stay tuned for next weeks tutorial on EYEBROWS. Back to todays blog :) How to achieve the perfect glow. Highlighters are one of my favorite items in my makeup kit. You can do so much with them, more than just the cheekbones. As we were watching the Oscars, my hubby says, all the girls are sparkly and are glowing. Haha well done hun, I have taught you a thing or two! He was right of course, it seemed to be the look of the evening. Those highlighters where out in full force last night.
How to find the right highlighter for you There are so many highlighters on the market, how do you find the perfect shade? not all highlighters are made equal, and not all shades are for everyone, BUT there is the perfect shade out there for you, you just have to find it. FAIR SKIN TONES Those with pale to light skin tones should opt for colours with a pearlescent, icy silver or champagne sheen. These colours are light pigmented and wil give that subtle glow and radiance with out looking too harsh or done up. MEDIUM TO OLIVE SKIN Warmer skin tones pair well with warmer highlighters, anything in the peachy gold tones will give you that sun kissed look. Medium to olive skin looks great in a champagne colour. DARK SKIN TONES Colours that work best on these skin tones are rich gold or bronzed and anything warm. They create a golden soft look. Steer clear of anything icy, or frosty not super pigmented. This will make you look a little grey and definitely not naturally glowing from within. MY FAVOURITE GLOW PRODUCT Well after working with many different shimmers and highlighters over the years I can tell you that I have FOUND THE ONE! haha. Thanks to my fellow friend and makeup artist Colleen who introduced me to it, Thanks girl! Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit.
These highlighters apply beautifully to the skin, its soft pigments can be layered for more intensity. For a bolder look which I love using on the eyes, apply with a wet brush. This product is perfect for under the corner of the eyes, cheekbones, under brows, nose and top of lips. Also looks fantastic on the d├ęcolletage. Its available in two shades, That Glow - perfect for warmer tones and to bronze up. Gleam is ideal for people on the fairer side and wanting to highlight. My personal fav is That Glow, I just cant get enough of it.

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